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Johan en Bert, eigenaars van Velthuizen Keukens

How it all started…


One evening, Bert and Johan were chatting and discussed what it would be like to start a kitchen business together. Nothing serious, more of a fantasy.


Johan: “Until a few weeks later we started looking for a location and worked out some plans, independently from each other. Then we knew: we should do something with this!”


Bert: “We both really felt the inner drive to do things together, but better and differently from others. Johan mainly as the kitchen professional and me purely commercial. Making the customer our prime focus, that’s what we aimed for. Now that we look back and see that things can really be done better, albeit by trial and error, we’re more than satisfied.”

A clear vision

Bert: “We deliver quality in all areas. Quality is more than delivering a quality kitchen. All parts involved in the entire process are all equally important. And here at Velthuizen Keukens that is a joint effort. Learning every day, getting better every day.”


“Our company is future-oriented. We are working on establishing a reliable company that is ready for the future. We are not geared towards extending as quickly as possible. Gaining the trust of our customers and suppliers, that’s our main aim!”


Johan: “Over the years we’ve learned that keeping focus, among other things, is important. Our focus has always been quality, in all areas. In the past, we shifted our focus to certain appliances purely for price considerations. And we soon found out that that is not what we wanted. So we quickly went back to our core principle. We want to be able to endorse what we stand for.”

Bert van Velthuizen, eigenaar van Velthuizen Keukens



Bert: “What I’m most proud of is that everything you see was built by us. With our own resources and through hard work. Now that we’ve grown as a team, I can be proud that we can celebrate the highs and the lows together. We manage everything ourselves, in-house. There is a team in place that we can trust.” Johan: “People often think that getting bigger comes at the expense of quality. But we want to keep learning and getting better. Our customer focus has only deepened in recent years. And that’s a joint achievement, with our team.”


Why choose Velthuizen Keukens?


Johan: “The core of our philosophy is delivering quality. Our people are all committed to the customer. That’s something that applies to sales, after-sales and our assembly team. Problems can’t always be prevented, so what matters is that eventually, they are solved in the right way. We learn from that and get better every day.”