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Planning for a new kitchen. How does that work with us?”

Step 1


Choosing a kitchen starts with orientation. Visit our showroom for inspiration! Our consultants are always ready to talk to you and answer your initial questions. Our new showroom boasts 30 showroom kitchens that have all been carefully selected. With as many variation styles and arrangements as possible and with each kitchen having its own atmosphere and styling.

Step 2

Scheduling an appointment

For a consultation, we would like to make an appointment with you and one of our consultants in the showroom. This way we can give you all the time and attention you need. In this first meeting, all your wishes and ideas are mapped out and we start sketching the layout. We always think along with you and you can certainly expect creative ideas. In the second part of this meeting, we will start working on the appearance. At the end of the appointment we will give you a price indication, so that the investment for your kitchen becomes clear.

Step 3

Follow-up appointment

A new kitchen is a major investment that requires a lot of time and attention. That’s why we always plan a follow-up appointment, so that your consultant has time to work out a quote and a 3D drawing for your future kitchen. You will be shown the 3D drawing, containing the chosen layout and materials, in one of our beamer rooms. This way you can see your future kitchen in a large format, making the experience extra realistic. We will then look once more at the choices made with regard to layout, fronts, worktop and accessories and zoom in on appliances as well. Once everything is to your liking, the kitchen is made final.

Step 4

Measuring at home

A project supervisor is linked to each kitchen: from this moment on, he is your fixed point of contact. This is a unique job in the world of kitchens, which is why we are so proud to have no fewer than eight project supervisors in our team. The project supervisor checks your order together with the consultant. Before the kitchen is ordered, the project supervisor will measure your kitchen exactly. You should therefore always discuss any questions, comments or adjustments with your responsible project supervisor.

Step 5


After measuring, the project supervisor checks all measures with one of our order processors. If anything is adjusted after measurements have been taken, the project supervisor will contact you and discuss the changes. When everything has been discussed and agreed, the kitchen is ordered by the order processor. Our planner will then determine the exact installation date.

Step 6


Your kitchen will be delivered to our in-house warehouse, a few weeks after ordering. The kitchen will be delivered to you one working day before installation. You will be informed about this via your project supervisor. The transport company will contact you by telephone one working day before transport, to discuss the exact time.

Step 7


We do not ask for a deposit, but we do expect the kitchen to be paid on the day of delivery. All of this is previously agreed with the consultant. You will receive the invoice by e-mail, 2 weeks before delivery of the kitchen. This gives you sufficient time to make the payment.

We only accept electronic payments.

Step 8


We are very proud of our in-house installation team. They are all professionals who do not go home until you are satisfied. A fixed team of in-house fitters and independent workers is important to us, because this allows us to deliver in terms of quality, service and planning. Within a few days you will be enjoying your new kitchen.

Step 9


You can always contact us after the sale and delivery of the kitchen. Our telephone operators ensure that your questions are directed to the right person and our service department is available every day to solve any kitchen problems. Customer satisfaction is key to us, so we remain your point of contact for all your questions about your kitchen.

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