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We work with three kitchen suppliers, several worktop manufacturers and multiple appliance suppliers. These are collaborations that we are proud of. Our kitchen and worktop suppliers supply high-quality materials and each offer its own specific qualities. Our appliance manufacturers supply basic to high-quality products in various price ranges.


Rotpunkt kitchens are built in Germany and are known for their high quality. The brand was founded in 1930 and thus looks back on a rich history as a recognized kitchen brand. The still German production guarantees great experiences. We are your dealer for Rotpunkt: it is one of the regular A-brands in our collection.


Schmidt kitchens combine beautiful and contemporary designs with modern materials. Discover the typical rustic kitchens and other styles, always thought out down to the last detail. Looking for a wooden kitchen or lacquered fronts in high gloss or matte? Our consultants are happy to tell you more about the possibilities.


Tristar kitchens exceed every expectation. It is one of our brands for a nostalgic, classic or modern kitchen. A kitchen that makes your heart beat faster with beautiful materials, a smart layout and a beautiful finish in the style you are looking for.


Looking for a specialist in NEFF appliances? We are the kitchen store you are looking for! High quality is always of paramount importance to us, and that also applies to this originally German brand. NEFF is a beautiful and future-oriented choice in your dream kitchen.


Siemens stands for high quality. We are your dealer for this beautiful equipment, such as the StudioLine. Next to design, innovation is one of Siemens’s key values. Take HomeConnect for example: ready for the future, thanks to the smart devices that you can also operate remotely. We are happy to show you the possibilities.


Miele’s motto has always been ‘immer besser’. True to this philosophy, Miele produces products of unmatched high quality. For more than 100 years, Miele guarantees that you are getting the best of home appliances. In addition, these products are distinguished by reliability and durability.


A Pelgrim kitchen is affordable and of good quality. The equipment is affordable for a wide audience and therefore well suited for all kinds of hobby chefs. Our customers have good experiences with kitchen appliances from the Dutch manufacturer, which has more than 90 years of experience.


Quooker taps are true all-rounders. The tap provides hot, cold and even boiling water. If case of the CUBE, you can easily make the tastiest lemonades and cocktails with sparkling or filtered water. The taps are available in various designs, such as the Flex, the Fusion and the new Quooker Front.

Wave Design

Wave Design is a true specialist in extractor hoods and special lighting for your kitchen. The brand offers special solutions if you are looking for designer extractor hoods and lighting. A high-quality finish is guaranteed, and customization is possible down to the last detail.


ATAG creates equipment for home cooks who want to give free rein to their cooking skills. With exceptional functionalities you can go into all directions. Next to that, many international design awards emphasize the choices for beautiful lines, high-quality details and the use of the right materials.


BORA is the pioneer in cooktop extractors. According to its founder, extractor hoods do not fit in the modern kitchen. Based on this vision, BORA develops extraction systems that meet the highest technical and aesthetic requirements. The cooking odors don’t get a chance to rise, because they are sucked away directly where they originate.


Most people know Boretti appliances from the freestanding stoves with which they conquered the market in the Netherlands in 1995. Today, the brand stands for much more than a special stove. The brand creates a wonderful Italian feeling in the kitchen. Not only on gas stoves, but also on induction.


For more than 135 years, thousands of families around the world have been cooking with Bertazzoni stoves. Six generations later, food and cooking are still the main values of the Italian brand. The brand now also offers refrigerators, extractor hoods, dishwashers and more. For us, Bertazzoni is one of the specialists in cookers.


ETNA has been part of our offer since day one. The company started in 1856 as an iron foundry, but has grown into a successful manufacturer of kitchen appliances. The traditional Dutch brand adheres to their longstanding standards and values: craftsmanship, quality, design, innovation, and the availability to a wide audience.


Liebherr is a real family business, just like Velthuizen Keukens. Since its foundation in 1949, the brand has developed as a specialist in every industry in which it operates. Within the kitchen industry, Liebherr offers a wide range of refrigerators and freezers. It also expanded its offer with a number of beautiful wine cabinets.


Novy is the perfect example of product development. Started as a bicycle shop in 1907, it developed its first extractor in 1965 with the knowledge it gained over the years. Novy has now grown into one of the most innovative extractor manufacturers in the Benelux, and has expanded its range with worktop extraction and hobs.

Velthuizen Select

In our special Velthuizen Select range, we offer worktops with exclusive colours and structures that are unique in the Netherlands. We have natural stone countertops that are imported from Italy. These include composite, ceramic, granite and marble worktops. Our advisors are happy to inform you about Velthuizen Select in our showroom!


Sometimes people forget how important a worktop is in a kitchen. The colours and structures can complete your kitchen, and each material has certain properties that suit different types of cooking enthusiasts. Fortunately, in Topline we have a specialist in custom worksheets, in terms of colours, structures and materials.


Our concrete worktops are produced at Hillstones. The natural material has a robust and industrial look, and each worktop has a unique color shade. The worktops are made traditionally: a concrete mixture is carefully composed into a custom-made formwork, and then has to harden before it is sanded, impregnated and provided with wax.